Waiting for my conqueror

It was another boring Monday after the hot weekend. Moreover, I had to stay late at work, because there were some documents I had to check up. To tell the truth it was an impossible task to focus on the work. I couldn’t shake dry-humping with Jim on Sunday out of my head. His cock was so hard when rubbing against my buttocks…

waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_1 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_2 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_3 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_4 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_5 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_6 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_7 waiting_for_my_conqueror_thumb_8 

My pussy has never been so moist and juicy, and I was ready to sacrifice everything to prolong that beautiful night! I failed to control my emotions and started masturbating just at the workplace. I’m flushing with shame now, but I couldn’t stop my hands at that time!

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