A Young Mans Fetish Fantasy

The always ready to please a man British lady is at your service once again. Lady Sonia meets a young man who shares his dream of a lovely blowjob he experiences with a grateful cumshot on his lady’s face.

A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-01 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-02 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-03 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-04 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-05 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-06 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-07 A-Young-Mans-Fetish-Fantasy-08

On hearing the exciting dream Lady Sonia can’t help herself. She insists on participating in the scene he described and off they go teasing each other in the young man’s fetish fantasy.

With a bondage on her eyes she is ready to taste something hard and meaty and on touching what appears to be a pretty hot cock she instantly wraps it with her hungry lips. It is time to do what she intented to do.

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